Folsom Lake Kia, the place Roseville, CA drivers come for dependable Kia cars, wants you to be ready for 2018. 2017 is almost over and we know that taking these few precautions will lead to happier and safer New Year with your car.

Wash Your Car

It is impossible to keep your car from getting dirty. When it does, it is important that you wash it with some degree of regularity. This is not just because a dirty car has a negative stigma attached to it. It is because all that dirt can begin to erode your cars finish. Washing it is a relatively simple way to avoid unnecessary damage.

Pay Attention to Symptoms

Bring your car to our Kia service center at the first sign of trouble. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time, catching problems early is far better than the alternative. These symptoms could be anything from a faint clicking sound to an actual alert from your car. Treating them with an equal level of severity is the prudent choice.

Schedule Service Appointments

Being caught off guard by car problems can really be a nightmare. You can substantially cut down on the likelihood of that happening by taking your car in for regular service. A good rule of thumb is to schedule at least the basics every season, with more extensive checkups before the winter and the summer. However, you can get probably get by with two checkups a year.

Monitor Your Tires

Try to make inspecting your tires part of your morning ritual. The last thing you want is tire trouble on the road. If you’re sure to maintain the treading depth and keep the air pressure at the correct level, you can decrease the chances of damage rather considerably.

If you need help with any of these issues in 2018, we are here at Folsom Lake Kia!