Folsom Lake Kia, your Kia dealer near Sacramento, CA is well aware that buying a new car is an involved endeavor. It’s only natural to look for any advantages to get the best deal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there that won’t actually help you. That is why we have picked out a couple that you should especially avoid.

Rainy Day/Closing Time Myth

Who wants to go car shopping on a rainy day? As the myth goes, no one. If no one is on the lot, the dealer will feel added pressure to make a sale and give you a better deal than they would normally.

Along the same train of thought, there is a myth that you should wait until right before the dealership closes. This will make the salesperson leave the salesperson more interested in going home than making a smart deal.

Despite the fact that both of these have understandable logic to them, there are several problems. First and foremost, Folsom Lake Kia customer service professionals will work to serve you as best they can even if that means staying late. When it comes to rainy days, everyone has the same idea. Not only will you make an extra trip in bad weather, but it’s entirely possible there will be more people there, not less.

Take It or Leave It Myth

There is nothing wrong with having an absolute maximum in mind. In fact, it’s a good idea. What’s not a good idea is being so sure of a fixed idea in your mind that you write what we call a “take it or leave it” check. Ignoring the fact that negotiation is an integral part of the process that you can greatly benefit from, these checks often fail to take taxes and fees into account.

You don’t have to come in blind. Use our website to find the actual price of an actual 2018 Kia Sorento and work from there!