It’s not hard to see the appeal of buying a new car like the 2018 Kia Soul. However, at Folsom Lake Kia near Roseville, CA, there are often just as many reasons to go with a dependable used vehicle from our large and varied inventory.

The reasons to buy a new car are clear. New cars continuously push innovation when it comes to technology, performance, and safety. On top of that, having a car that you know has never been in an accident or that has never been driven significantly at all offers a unique type of peace of mind. You can also have your new car made to your custom order.

The benefits of buying a used car can be a bit subtler, with the obvious exception of price. Used cars being less expensive is often their big selling point. Beyond that though, they also won’t depreciate as much as new cars do, and certainly not as quickly. So, if you decide you want to trade it in for something else, you should get almost as much as you paid for the car. That would be a fantasy with a new car. Another added bonus is that your insurance payments are going to be lower for a less expensive car.

Every few years most models go through redesigns, some more extensive than others. Some models are discontinued and replaced altogether. If something you want is discontinued, you are out of luck buying only new cars. Conversely, if you’re willing to buy used, you can get that blast from the past you always wanted.

Here at Folsom Lake Kia, our number one concern is getting you behind the wheel of a vehicle you love. We are proud of all of our Kia cars, new and used.