Our inventory includes an assortment of Kia used cars. What steps should you take right after purchasing a pre-owned car from our dealership? Learn what actions are necessary to ensure everything is in order.

Register the Vehicle

Upon a pre-owned vehicle purchase, you will have to register it at the DMV. Make an appointment at your local DMV and bring the following documents, or have the following information:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Bill of sale from the dealership
  • Basic vehicle information, such as the VIN number and odometer reading
  • Vehicle title

Insure Your Vehicle

Are you purchasing a pre-owned car to replace your existing vehicle? If so, a single phone call to your insurance provider should be enough to transfer policies. The adjuster will make rate adjustments and send over the paperwork. Fortunately, insuring a pre-owned car is cheaper on average since a portion of its value has already been lost due to depreciation.

Determine a Scheduled Maintenance Routine

You don’t have to worry about maintenance for a while when buying a new car. The same holds true to some extent when buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) car, which has undergone a multi-point inspection. For non-CPO car purchases, review the user manual to determine when services like tire rotations and fuel filter changes are required.

Hold Onto All Paperwork

Save all the documents, both hardcopies and digital, that you acquired through the sale. This includes the bill of sale, insurance certificates, and tax receipts. Store them in a safe place. You may need them again when performing specific actions, such as filing your taxes or selling the vehicle.

Visit Folsom Lake Kia to see models like the Kia Sportage and more. Our inventory contains pre-owned Kia vehicles that have undergone the necessary inspections to meet the CPO designation.