We supply Kia parts in Folsom, CA. This includes replacement parts for transmission repairs and rebuilds. On the subject of the transmission, is this part also found in electric vehicles? Surly, EVs contain engines like conventional cars, but what about transmissions?

What Is a Transmission?

First, let’s explain the role of a transmission. At its very basic, this part transmits power to the engine through an intricate set of working gears. The transmission is also what provides the car with its speed and torque, and also has a role in the vehicle’s overall horsepower.

EVs and Transmissions

So, do electric vehicles have transmissions? The answer is “kind of.” EVs contain an alternating current motor linked to a gearbox. The mechanism inside the gearbox is what supplies the power to the engine.

In this sense, EVs do have a component that’s the equivalent of a transmission. This part goes by a different name and is known as a single-speed gear reduction unit. It’s not a transmission in the strictest sense. However, it plays a similar role. Both this part and the transmission supply power through rotational force and manages the vehicle’s RPM.

What About Hybrid Vehicles?

Do hybrid cars have transmissions or a single-speed gear reduction unit? It has the former. Hybrid models require conventional transmissions as they still contain a traditional gas-powered engine. Many modern models, in fact, have a CVT transmission. The Kia Forte, though not an EV or hybrid, contains a variation of a CVT known as an intelligent variable transmission (IVT).

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