Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, this component is among the most important in a vehicle. This is why our Kia parts center only uses OEM components for the transmission. Here are three ways you can extend the life of the transmission.

1. Inspect the Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid plays a vital role. For starters, it keeps the transmission from overheating. It also provides the needed hydraulic pressure to keep the transmission in operation. If the transmission fluid is low, or there is a leak, then the transmission will diminish in performance. It will also become more susceptible to rapid wear as it’s prone to overheat. Regularly check to be sure that the transmission fluid is at or above the fill line in the reservoir.

2. Watch How You Drive

Your driving habits may cause accelerated transmission wear. Be mindful of the following habits that many drivers do often without second consideration:

  • Slam on the brakes in a non-emergency
  • Rapidly accelerate and decelerate
  • Drive in muddy and dirt-infested terrain in a vehicle not designed for off-roading
  • Drive with heavy freight in tow

3. Use an External Filter

Modern cars contain a transmission filter. However, these filters may not be able to intercept smaller debris and particles. Microscopic debris can enter the transmission and get trapped in sensitive components like the seals and valves. Consider fortifying the existing filter with an external transmission filter for double the filtering effects. You will need to have a technician install the external filter.

Make an appointment at our service center. We perform transmission maintenance on all Kia models, including the Kia Forte. Even by applying the above tips, you still need to give the transmission periodic professional care.