Do you have your aims set on a used Kia car? No doubt, a pre-owned car purchase will save you money from its lower cost. However, will it also save you money at the fuel pump? Just how fuel efficient are used vehicles, and are they more or less efficient than their new counterparts?

Fuel Efficiency: Used Vs New Cars

As long as a pre-owned car is properly maintained and components are regularly replaced with OEM parts, then it’s comparable in fuel efficiency with a new model. It all comes down to the level of care and maintenance you provide as the owner. Pre-owned cars by nature are not more or less fuel efficient.

How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency in a Used Kia Car

Here are some ways to optimize fuel economy. Most of these apply to both new and used cars alike but are especially important in cars that already have racked up some miles on the odometer.

  • Only use OEM parts for repairs
  • Avoid sudden acceleration and braking
  • Reduce idling and minimize stop-and-go driving to the extent possible
  • Use cruise control when driving under minimal traffic on highways and freeways. However, avoid cruise control when driving on a hill or incline.
  • Travel as light as possible. Only take what you need on your trip. Fuel economy decreases by about one percent for every additional 100 lbs. in the car.
  • Never let the tire pressure fall more than five psi of the recommended psi

Come by Folsom Lake Kia to browse our used inventory. We carry both pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles. Models like the Kia EV6 maintain roughly the same fuel economy even after the model is several years old.