Do electric cars require periodic maintenance at a Kia service center? The answer is an emphatic yes. All cars need professional care and tune-ups. However, what’s the level of general care in relation to gas-powered automobiles?

EV and Normal Car Maintenance

While EVs require regular professional maintenance, the frequency is significantly less than their gas-powered counterparts. One of the reasons traditional vehicles require care is due to wear and tear from heat build-up in the engine and transmission. EVs don’t have a conventional engine and transmission, and internal components don’t accrue heat to the extent that traditional vehicles do.

The following is a list of items that do require maintenance at the dealership.

Brake Fluid Check

Brake fluids gradually absorb water that erodes its effectiveness. EVs require a brake fluid check every two to five years, depending on the model. The brake pads and rotors also require periodic checks, though these components last longer due to EVs using regenerative braking.

Tire Care

EV tires are subject to greater wear. This is due to EVs having a higher base weight than non-EVs, which places additional stress on the tires. EVs require a tire rotation every 7,000 to 12,000 miles.

12-Volt Battery Care

EVs have two batteries, one of which is the 12-volt battery that powers components like the infotainment system and door locks. This battery wears over time. To prolong its life, never let the power completely deplete to zero.

Cabin Filter Replacement

The cabin filter removes interior contaminants like pollen. Most EVs recommend changing the cabin air filter every two years. This is on par with conventional vehicles.

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