Here at Folsom Lake Kia, we work one-on-one with drivers so they can get the best Kia financing terms and options every time. We provide easy-to-use financing tools, and information on the best ways to save at every step of the purchasing and ownership process. Here’s a closer look at the tax benefits you can enjoy when you trade in your Kia vehicle at our dealership.

Lower Sales Tax

One of the biggest benefits of trading in your vehicle is the savings, especially when it comes to sales tax. When you trade in your car, the value of the trade-in vehicle will be deducted from the cost of the next car before sales tax is calculated. That means you’ll save a significant amount on sales tax, which can be helpful for staying in budget. 

Access to Eco-Friendly Models

A reduction in sales tax is just one of the ways to save when you trade in. You’ll also have a lower down payment and lower monthly payments, since the value of the vehicle is deducted from the total costs. That means more vehicles will be available within your price range, including eco-friendly cars.

When you purchase an eco-friendly car, you’ll see savings on fuel and a lower impact on the environment with each new drive. You’ll also have access to tax credits and incentives that are available for all hybrid, EV, and plug-in hybrid models. The savings you get from trading in your current model can mean even more savings when it comes to low-impact cars.

Get Expert Kia Financing Help at Folsom Lake Kia

There are many reasons to make Folsom Lake Kia the dealership you visit when it’s time to trade in your current vehicle. Learn more about the trade-in process and begin enjoying tax benefits of trading in with our Kia team today.