Here at Folsom Lake Kia, you’ll find a full catalog of Kia auto parts to keep your vehicle safe and efficient all year long. You’ll also find an expert team of service techs and professionals dedicated to providing the information and resources you need to create a service schedule that works for your vehicle. Here’s a closer look at the parts you’ll want to upgrade or replace for the spring season.


The batteries in most cars will last three to five years in moderate conditions and with proper care. That’s why you always want to get your battery inspected, and potentially replaced, when the winter season comes to an end. Unseasonably cold days or trips to cooler climates can reduce your battery’s capacity, which you’ll want to address early on in the season.

Oil and Filter

One of the many purposes of the oil and oil filter in your vehicle is engine protection. It protects your engine by capturing dirt or grime that might be on the surface of the road, so it can’t enter the engine compartment. In the winter, with an increase in rain and salt on the road, it can be useful to replace the oil and filter for smoother and safer driving.

Wiper Blades and Headlights

In the darker and more inclement days of winter, we use our car’s accessories more often. That includes the headlights, and even the wipers for winter rain. It’s important to get these parts checked and upgraded as needed for safer driving come spring.

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No matter what your spring part needs might be, Folsom Lake Kia has you covered. Visit our dealership for batteries, oil filters, and wipers, and for the service you can rely on with every new season.