One of the most important, and often overlooked, elements of Kia service is knowledge. At Folsom Lake Kia, we’re proud to share the information and tips you need, so you can recognize signs of damage or wear to your vehicle and schedule service as soon as possible. Learn how to identify common brake issues with support from our expert Kia service team.

Your Brakes Squeal or Grind

Brake squealing, squeaking, or grinding is often one of the first indications that your vehicle needs repairs. This symptom is called “brake scrubbing”, and it occurs when the brake pads on your vehicle have worn down, leaving the exposed metals to touch. As soon as you hear this sound, you’ll want to schedule brake pad replacements, to prevent irreparable damage to the brake system.

Your Brakes Are Leaking

A brake fluid leak might not seem like a very big deal on its own, but it typically indicates a much more complex issue that can’t be seen. After all, the fluid has to come from somewhere. Most of the time, brake fluid leaks are caused by damage in the seals around the caliper, master cylinder, or wheel cylinder. If you notice a brake fluid leak, pull over right away and do not drive the vehicle until it has been resolved.

Your Brake Pedal is Soft

You know what a brake pedal is supposed to feel like, so pay close attention if the pedal suddenly feels soft or spongy below your foot. This means that air has gotten trapped in the brake line, and that brake fluid can’t get through. Try pumping the pedal a few times to push the air through, before scheduling a brake flush.

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