At Folsom Lake Kia, the Kia financing process is made easy, thanks to the support and expertise of our expert team, and the range of financing tools and resources you can use every step of the way. We’re sharing a closer look at best practices for getting approved, so you can begin budgeting for your next Kia model today.

Check Your Credit Score

Your credit score is one of the most influential factors lenders consider during the vehicle financing process. The higher your credit score, the more reliable you are to lend money to, and that means more favorable options and terms. If you’re struggling to get pre-approved, consider taking the time to raise your credit score before trying again.

Save for a Higher Down Payment

Your down payment is the lump sum of money you give to the dealership the day you take home your vehicle. When you put down a larger amount of money for the down payment, you can expect to see either a shorter loan term length or smaller monthly payments. Because a higher down payment helps to protect the lender, it can be a good option for getting a pre-approval.

Pay Your Bills

Another factor that lenders will consider when approving or rejecting a loan request is outstanding debt. If you’re late on payments for other loans, like your home or another vehicle, it may be cause for a lender to reject your application, as they want to make sure the monthly payments will be met. Catching up on late payments can help to increase your chances of pre-approval.

Submit a Finance Application in Folsom, CA

When the time comes for your next vehicle, make the dealership Folsom Lake Kia. Whether you’re purchasing new or pre-owned, or trading in your current model, we’ll help you get the right terms and save big on the cars you love. Learn more about the pre-approval process with our team.