There are many reasons to consider a pre-owned Kia when the time comes for a safe, reliable, and high-quality vehicle that will support you on every ride. If you’re worrying about whether or not pre-owned vehicles are reliable, don’t be. The pre-owned models we carry at Folsom Lake Kia are designed to last, with impressive and powerful engines and high-tech safety features. Learn about the best ways to keep your pre-owned vehicle reliable with support from our team.

Consider Your Route

If you notice that certain parts or systems on your pre-owned Kia model are wearing down prematurely, it may be due to your route or driving conditions. This may include excessive braking in the city from traffic or suspension complications on tough terrains. Try to adjust your route, when possible, to reduce that pressure on your car.

Remove Excess Weight

Another factor that can make your vehicle wear down prematurely is excess cargo. If you have a lot of weight in your car, it can make your brakes less responsive, and affect essential systems like the alignment and suspension. By reducing the unnecessary cargo load, you help to keep your vehicle as reliable as possible.

Schedule Kia Service

The best way to keep your pre-owned Kia in reliable condition is by scheduling regular service and care. Our team at Folsom Lake Kia will inspect your vehicle for signs of wear, and address them as soon as possible, to prevent further damage. We’ll also fill up your fluids, keep your tire pressure high, and replace parts as needed, so you can always rely on your car when you’re behind the wheel.

Schedule Pre-owned Kia Service at Folsom Lake Kia

Here at Folsom Lake Kia, you’ll find reliable pre-owned vehicles and the service that will keep them in the best possible shape for as long as possible. Visit our dealership to pick out the perfect pre-owned Kia for your driving needs today!