Folsom Lake Kia wants you to be prepared for anything you may come across on the road. To help make that a reality, we offer only quality Kia cars to the entire Sacramento, CA area. All the same, there are situations that can come from left field. For those situations you can’t see coming, we suggest you keep these items in your car.

The Essentials

Odds are you aren’t going to leave your house without your smartphone. However, just to cement its importance, always have a way to contact friends, family, or even auto clubs in the event of something stranding you. If you’re a person who doesn’t pay close attention to your battery percentage, a charger cord dedicated to your car can be useful.

Having a first aid kit on hand is never a bad idea either. You may be thinking the white box with the red cross on it, but a plastic bag with antiseptic wipes, gauze, Band-Aids and pain reliever will probably do the trick. On the other hand, if someone in your family has a special medication they can’t be away from for too long, keeping some of that in the car could also be wise.

Just in Case

Many times, when you can’t get your car to start, all you really need is a jump from another car to get you on your way. Not having jumper cables can be a fairly substantial impediment to this process. You can be even more prepared by using a portable jump-starter.

We know a lot can happen between discovering a problem with your vehicle, and actually getting it to the Kia service center here at Folsom Lake Kia. These items should help things go more smoothly, but there are many other helpful tools to keep with you. Contact us to find out more!