Every driver’s needs are different. That’s why when you’re ready for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you’ll want to make Folsom Lake Kia the Kia dealership you turn to first. Not only are we here to help drivers in the El Dorado Hills areas find the perfect car or SUV, but we’re also dedicated to making the financing process as smooth and easy as possible

When you begin the financing process, you’ll be faced with the question of whether it is more effective to buy or lease your next vehicle. There are benefits to both options, so it’s a good idea to do your research and determine which suits your needs the best.


If you like having the latest in automotive technology right at your fingertips, then leasing might be the better choice for you. When you lease a vehicle, you’ll drive the newest releases on the market. That means advanced safety features, top-of-the-line connectivity, and rolling upgrades as new vehicles come out. Leasing is also a great way to save money, as both the down payment and monthly payment costs are lower than when you purchase a vehicle. When you’re ready for the next car, all you have to do is trade in.


Buying your next Kia car or SUV has its benefits too. To start, it’s more accessible for those who don’t have perfect credit scores, as that’s likely what you’ll need to lease a vehicle. When you buy, you also have more control over your car. That means you can drive the way you like and how far you like, as well as custimizing your car any way you see fit. And if you decide to sell, you have capital for the next vehicle.

When you’re ready to find out more about your financing options, Folsom Lake Kia is here to help. Visit us in Folsom to get started today.