When it comes to keeping your Kia Sorento running right, Folsom Lake Kia is the Kia dealership serving Sacramento and Roseville areas that you can count on. Our expert team provides top of the line vehicle service and care at the right price to fit your needs.

Tire Care at Folsom Lake Kia

Here at Folsom Lake Kia, we offer lots of great parts, repairs, and maintenance options, and one of the most important is tire care. There are plenty of reasons to care for you Kia Sorento’s tires. For one, it helps to keep your vehicle safe and responsive on, and off, the road, which means you can take those family road trips with peace of mind.

You’ll even save on gas money, as well-maintained tires help to improve vehicle efficiency. Plus, every ride is smoother and more comfortable when your tires are well taken care of. In the end, well-maintained tires will even help to maintain your vehicles value, if you decide to sell it down the line.

When you bring your Kia Sorento down to Folsom Lake Kia, we’ll start by checking the tire pressure and the tread wear. Next, we’ll provide tire rotations, which are designed to help the vehicle’s tires wear down at an even rate. Tires can also tell us about the vehicle’s other systems. For instance, uneven tire wear may be an indication of an alignment complication, which we can address and work to correct right away.

Here at Folsom Lake Kia, we know you have adventures to take. You shouldn’t have worry about your vehicle being able to keep up. Get the services, repairs, and inspections your Kia Sorento and other great Kia vehicles need right here at our Folsom dealership today.