High temperatures can take a toll on your car, so this summer it’s more important than ever to give your vehicle the care it needs. Most summer tasks are best left to the technicians at a Kia service center. The following are maintenance tasks you should schedule this summer at our dealership near Roseville, CA. \

Oil Change 

Oil changes are especially important in the summer, when parts under the hood can more easily overheat and motor oil can degrade quickly. Plus, without sufficient lubrication, the engine is at a far greater risk of overheating further.  

Tire Check 

Do you know why tire blowouts are so common in the summer? Heat causes air expansion inside the tire. This puts the tire at risk of blowing out especially if the tire psi is far above or below recommended levels. Existing tread wear or sidewall damage also puts the tires at an elevated risk of blowing out.  

Air Conditioner Check 

Without the AC, your car’s cabin can feel like a sweat lodge. Have a technician check the AC if the air feels hot, stuffy, or if there’s an odor emitting from the vents. Common problems that may inhibit AC function include a soiled condenser, low refrigerant levels, or mold growth inside the vents.  

Brake Check 

Summer brings more cars to the road, meaning more stop-and-go traffic. In these conditions, you’ll have to rely more heavily on your brakes to ensure your car comes to a halt within the appropriate stopping distance. Have a mechanic perform a brake check if the brake pedal feels spongy, or if there’s a squealing noise when your car comes to a stop. 

Whatever Kia model you own, whether that be the Kia Niro or Kia Carnival, give it the summer care it needs by scheduling maintenance at Folsom Lake Kia.