When the Kia mechanic is servicing your car, use this golden opportunity to ask as many questions as you need. There are specific questions we recommend asking both before service and after the car has been serviced and returned to you.

Before Service

  • Does My Warranty Cover This? If your Kia car still has its warranty in effect, go through it with the technician to confirm it’s covered under the terms and service. It’s important that you verify the service is covered under the warranty even if you reviewed the terms. Factors like modifications or using the wrong fluids can nullify the warranty.
  • What Are My Repair/Maintenance Options? Most car problems have more than one solution. Enquire what options are available and have the mechanic go over the pros and cons of each as well as estimated pricing of each repair solution. While it’s best to go with the technician’s recommendation, you always have the final say.

After Service

  • What Can I Do to Keep My Car Running Proficiently? Ask the technician what you can do to keep the car operating smoothly in regards to the specific problem. If you had the tires aligned, for example, enquire about what you can do to minimize the risk of misalignment or premature tread wear. You can also ask what may have led to the issue in the first place.
  • Can I See the Old Part? Requesting to see the old part gives some people confirmation and reassurance that the faulty component has indeed been replaced. You may also request to keep the old part if you wish to do so.

At Folsom Lake Kia, we perform maintenance and repairs on all Ford models, from the Kia Sorento to the Kia Stinger. Whatever your model, feel free to ask all the questions you need.