If your car incurs a problem, or if a dashboard light switches on, make a service appointment at the dealership a priority. Kia repairs ensures any issues are addressed before they exacerbate. You can only hold off repairs for so long before a molehill becomes a mountain.


If your car tires have worn treads, how long is it before the tires give out? This is difficult to say because it’s highly dependent on road conditions.

However, worn treads put the car at a higher risk of a blowout. It also drastically reduces traction, minimizing the vehicle’s stopping ability. This can especially be a safety hazard during late fall and winter when roads tend to be more slippery.

Brake Pads

Worn brakes can increase the total time it takes for the car to come to a complete stop. This is a serious safety liability especially if you need to respond to a sudden road hazard.

If the brakes are gradually feeling less responsive, do not hold off and get your car to the dealership immediately. Delaying brake repairs will only lead to continued wear of the pads, disk, and rotors.

Engine Noise

Do you hear unusual engine noise, such as rattling, knocking, and grinding? This is not normal and may be due to a number of issues, such as low oil, an exhaust leak, or a misadjusted valve just to list a few. Holding off on the problem will further cause engine damage, potentially requiring an extensive engine repair or complete rebuild.

Make an appointment with Folsom Lake Kia to have your vehicle serviced. No vehicle oddity should be ignored for any length of time. Models like the Kia Forte and others require regular maintenance to offset premature wear.