Any driver looking to enjoy the latest driving technology and performance features Kia has to offer should look into signing a Kia lease. Luckily for you, it’s not hard to find exceptional lease offers when you explore finance specials here at Folsom Lake Kia.

We’ll also be happy to fill you in on what you can negotiate when it comes to your lease.

Typical Lease Conditions

When you take a look at lease offers, they usually come with a set of conditions based on qualifying credit. You’ll often see a lease term set in place for a lease special, which is typically either 36 months or 24 months.

Leasing also comes with a down payment in addition to the monthly payments that are due. However, both are lower than what you would pay if you financed, which makes leasing a great way to save.

Then, there’s the mileage cap. Many Kia leases cap the miles you can drive at about 10,000 miles, after which point, you’ll owe a small fee per mile.

Can I Negotiate My Lease?

When you explore our new Kia cars for sale, there’s typically some room for negotiation when it comes to the price of the car. When a price is agreed upon, we can calculate a lease plan based on that price. The way we calculate this price, which is often referred to as the “money factor,” isn’t negotiable.

In some cases, we can factor in how much you plan to drive. If you negotiate a higher mileage cap it may affect your monthly payments. However, many drivers will find this worth it in order to get more miles on the car they lease.

To learn more about leasing a Kia, visit our Folsom Kia dealership today!