While Kia vehicles are made to stand the test of time, you’ll eventually find that you will need repairs. In these cases, you will want to choose reliable Kia parts to ensure your vehicle keeps delivering a quality driving experience.

For Kia service you can depend on, head straight to Folsom Lake Kia, where our team will repair your vehicle with OEM parts. If you’re unsure which parts you need, we can tell you why OEM Kia parts are preferred.

1. Ideal Fit

You wouldn’t want to try to fit an imitation part into your Kia car, would you? Well, that’s exactly what you do when you choose non-OEM parts. On the other hand, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are designed to work harmoniously with the rest of your car.

2. OEM Kia Parts Last Longer

When you see the prices of non-OEM parts compared to OEM parts, you may be tempted to save a few bucks by going with the imitation part. However, OEM Kia parts are more reliable, which means you’ll save money in the long run.

3. Superior Performance

Since genuine Kia parts are made just for Kia vehicles, they deliver superior performance. If you want to keep enjoying your responsive driving experience, then choose OEM Kia parts.

4. Better Efficiency

Another result of choosing parts made by Kia is that they are more likely to give you the kind of great efficiency you’re used to in your vehicle, which is another way you’ll save money over time.

5. Warranty

Many OEM Kia parts are protected by a warranty, which is something you can’t expect from a part made by a third party.

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