It is not always best to buy something without seeing it first, but many people do so all the time. When it comes to buying a vehicle, you may have the option to buy online or pick out a vehicle sight unseen; however, taking a test drive and checking out the car in person is always the best way to get the right results. We would love to see you at Folsom Lake Kia so that our friendly team can help you find the ultimate vehicle to match your buying or leasing criteria. If you would like to ensure you have the bases covered for your test drive, we have put together some helpful tips for you to use at our Folsom, CA Kia dealer location.


Researching the different Kia cars available will help you to find the right options within your price range. Whether you want the versatility of a Kia Niro or the classic styling of a Kia Optima, taking the time to look at all of the different features with a comparison online is very helpful. You will find our full inventory at Folsom Lake Kia available online!

Behind The Wheel

You always need to take a moment to make adjustments when you get behind the wheel so you are comfortable and ready to drive. In addition to that, you can spend some time locating all of the controls and ask our sales team member questions before you put the car into drive.

On The Road

Make sure that you head out for a variety of driving experiences during your test drive. It is important to test the brakes in stop-and-go traffic just as you should be raising your speed out on a highway to see how the vehicle performs.

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