Fall is here, and this is the time of year to give your vehicle some much-needed attention. This mainly includes an inspection at our Kia service center near Roseville, CA. However, there are a few DIY steps car owners can do in their own garage.

Why Fall Car Care Matters

At the onset of fall, your vehicle just underwent a hot summer. Hot temperatures are taxing on the vehicle engine, the tires, and other components. Furthermore, winter is also up ahead, and cold temperatures are equally taxing on parts like the battery, fluids, and wipers. Fall maintenance ensures the car is in good shape after a hot summer and prepared for an upcoming winter.

With this in mind, let’s examine some fall car care tips.

Check the Battery

Inspect the battery, especially around the terminals. If corrosion is present, wipe it away using a toothbrush or other soft-bristled brush. In addition, have a technician check the battery’s remaining charge. You can also do this yourself if you have a voltmeter.

Check the Wiper Blades

Wiper blades can wear out in as little as a year. Fall can introduce mild rainfall, so be sure the wipers are in good operating order. Be certain that the rubber strip isn’t peeling off. Also, check that there is ample washer fluid level.

Check the Lights

Now that summer is over, expect earlier nightfall. This makes the car lights even more essential. Clean and buff the headlamps if the covers appear faded or fogged. Worn headlight covers can drastically decrease the brightness of your lights and minimize range of visibility. A technician at the dealership can replace worn lights and/or clean faded light covers.

Make a service appointment at Folsom Lake Kia. We perform diagnostics on all Kia models, including the Kia Sportage and more. We’ll prep your vehicle so that it’s in prime condition for fall and the ensuing winter.