It’s time to give your time behind the wheel a serious upgrade! And if you’re looking for a smoother transition to your new Kia car, then it’s time to trade in your car.

Our team here at Folsom Lake Kia can help you navigate the trade-in process so you get the best value for your car and enjoy your car-shopping journey as much as possible.

Why Trade In?

You might still be under the impression that you need to sell your car when you move on to a new car. But there are plenty of reasons to consider trading in. Perhaps the biggest benefit of trading in is that it allows you to focus more on finding the perfect car for your driving needs.

Trading in is effortless and you can take the time you need to find your ideal vehicle, saving you time and stress and giving you the best possible end to your car-shopping journey. On the other hand, selling your car on your own can turn into a surprisingly expensive and time-consuming process. When you experience how easy it is to trade in, you’ll be glad you make the decision.

How to Trade In

You can get a good estimate of your car’s trade-in value by using our convenient appraisal portal. When you are ready to make a purchase on the car you want, bring your current car to our dealership. Let us know you intend to trade so our team can get right to work with the official appraisal.

Be sure to have your car cleaned out and to bring your owner’s manual and car title. After we appraise your trade, we’ll apply the value to your financing and finalize your purchasing paperwork so you can hit the road in your new Kia car!

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