At Folsom Lake Kia, we carry an inventory of OEM Kia parts. When you replace a car part, we will recycle the old part if it’s recyclable. Learn how the recycling process works for specific automotive components.

Engine Oil

Not a lot of people are aware that you can recycle old motor oil. However, it’s possible thanks to modern technology that separates contaminants from the oil.

This makes it suitable for use in other applications. If you change the oil at home, we recommend bringing the old oil to an automotive or recycling center.


Car batteries are made from a number of components. Some of the parts like the plastic, lead, and silver can be extracted in the recycle process.

Other parts like the acid and internal chemicals are harmful and safely disposed of. Never dispose of a car battery by tossing it in the trash; it’s extremely harmful to the environment.

Starters and Alternators

If the starter and alternator from an old car are still in relatively good condition, a mechanic can restore and sell them as refurbished parts. If the parts are worn, recycling facilities can dismantle and melt the metal to produce other commodities.


Recycling facilities can shred the rubber tires and use the material in a number of applications. This includes rubber chippings for asphalts and artificial surfaces. Tires that are not recycled are often burned in landfills. This creates toxic fumes that are terrible for the environment.

Visit Folsom Lake Kia to schedule maintenance or repairs. We perform general maintenance on all Kia models, from the Kia Rio to the Kia Carnival. We follow all industry protocol when recycling or disposing of old parts.