How many times have you made resolutions for the New Year and you let most of them slide? You are not alone, as this is a trend that most people have fallen victim to. However, when it comes to your vehicle, there are many car resolutions that you can make and stick to! Whether you are driving a Kia Sportage or a Kia Stinger, you will see that our staff at Folsom Lake Kia is here to help you make these goals achievable. We have a beautiful showroom staffed by an amazing customer service team along with a state-of-the-art Kia service center featuring trained technicians to help you care for your vehicle.

Oil Changes – The oil in your vehicle is essential for proper function, especially for lubrication of all of the engine parts. Have regular oil filter replacement and oil changes at the intervals suggested by the manufacturer.

Tire Checks – Regular tire checks should be done to ensure even wear as well as the right amount of air pressure at all times. Uneven wear could be telling you that an alignment is necessary and any damage to your tires means you should think about a professional diagnosis or replacement as soon as possible.

Mind Your Driving Habits – Something that you can do all year long is make sure that you are smart about your driving habits. Preventative vehicle maintenance actual starts when you get behind the wheel. Poor driving habits can cause your vehicle and all of the components to wear down quicker than usual.

Folsom Lake Kia is your local Folsom, CA Kia dealer at 12751 Folsom Blvd. whenever you are ready to tackle those car resolutions. If you would like to buy or lease a new Kia model, stop by to see us or call our sales department to learn more about current inventory at (888) 292-5929.