When it comes to your Kia service schedule, a little bit of dedication can make a big difference. That’s why our team here at Folsom Lake Kia is committed to providing the service you can trust, and why we’re sharing all you need to know about car service best practices. Here’s a closer look at why to schedule routine service and how to set a routine you can rely on.

Why Should I Follow a Kia Service Schedule?

Scheduling routine service and care is the best way to ensure that your vehicle remains responsive and safe on every ride. By coming into our service center for regular appointments, you give our team the opportunity to catch damage and wear early on, which means it’s easier and less costly to get the repairs and replacements you need.

Additionally, regular service will help to ensure that your vehicle retains its value, for future sale or trade-in. It helps to save you money by increasing fuel efficiency, and will even keep the ride in your favorite Kia car smooth and comfortable, no matter where your next drive might lead.

How Do I Set a Service Schedule?

It’s true that there are many benefits to scheduling regular service, but how do you know when to bring your car in? The best way to set a service schedule is to reference your auto manual and to speak with your Kia service team. You also want to consider the conditions where you drive, how often you drive, and how many miles on are on your vehicle when it comes to setting your schedule.

Get Kia Service You Can Trust Today

If you have more questions about Kia service and parts, or you’re ready to dive into professional car care that makes the difference, come down to Folsom Lake Kia in Folsom, CA. Our team will help you set up a long-lasting and reliable service schedule for your vehicle.