Regular Kia service is integral for the long-term health of your vehicle. What are the consequences of neglecting servicing from a certified technician?

The ramifications can seriously affect the longevity of your Kia vehicle, not to mention it can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in preventable repairs.

Engine Damage

Without regular servicing, your car doesn’t receive the needed oil change. The oil quickly becomes stale, turning into sludge. This greatly erodes its lubricative abilities, leading to friction and grinding of the engine metal parts.

Even if you feel like you can change the oil yourself, keep in mind that a technician can identify when an oil change is necessary. This may be more frequent than the interval specified in the vehicle user manual if you constantly commute under severe driving conditions.

Damaged Tires

While you may be able to check the tire pressure and give it air, there are other tire checks that require professional diagnosing. This includes tire alignment and balance.

Furthermore, a mechanic can check for hidden damage, such as uneven tread wear, tire sidewall damage, or a rip in the tire valve stem. If undetected, these problems can lead to a sudden tire blowout, which can put you in a precarious situation on the road.

Damaged ECU

The ECU controls multiple components in a modern car, including shifting, fuel delivery, and a number of the electronics. Neglecting car maintenance can lead to unexpected issues like rough shifting, uneven acceleration, and engine misfiring.

Make a service appointment with Folsom Lake Kia. We perform maintenance on all Kia models, including the Kia Stinger and more. Give your vehicle the routine care it needs for continued reliable performance.