There’s no better way to keep your Kia cars and SUVs running right than with routine car care and scheduled maintenance, and there’s no better place to get the service you and your vehicle deserve than right here at Folsom Lake Kia, the Kia dealership serving the Folsom, Sacramento, Roseville, and El Dorado Hills areas.

When it comes to service, we’ve got you covered, with everything from oil changes to brake repairs. We’ll also help you to maintain your tires properly. Good tire care and repairs can make all the difference. Not only will your vehicle be safer and more responsive on the road, but you’ll prevent costly repairs, improve vehicle efficiency, and save you time and money, maintaining your vehicle value. And, at the end of the day, properly maintained tires make for a smoother, more comfortable ride every time.

Our service team is right here at Folsom Lake Kia, the Kia dealership you can rely on for all your tire and vehicle service needs, is dedicated to keeping your car or SUV on the road for years to come. That’s why we have programs like Express Service, for quick and easy tire rotations, oil changes and more. We also provide complimentary multi-point inspections that will cover your brakes, vehicle fluids and, of course, tire tread and wear patterns. And if you need more than our Express Service, booking an appointment online is quick and easy—so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Trust the expert service team at Folsom Lake Kia to keep your car safe and comfortable. Visit us at 12751 Folsom Boulevard in Folsom for tire services, inspections, and a whole lot more today.