When you visit Folsom Lake Kia, the Kia dealership you can count on in the Sacramento, Roseville, and El Dorado Hills areas, it’s not just a one-and-done car-buying experience. We’re here from the minute you decide to start test driving your next vehicle to the inspections and repairs that will keep it running right. We only do, share, and sell the best—and that’s why we use OEM parts.


OEM parts, or original manufacturer equipment parts, are made by the manufacturer and they match the parts that came with your Kia Soul when it was first produced. There are lots of benefits to using OEM, but the most important one is that they’re the best option for keeping your vehicle on the road for years to come.


Beyond that, OEM parts are easier to find. When you buy regular aftermarket parts for your Kia Soul, you don’t have the benefit of a pre-organized system that does the hard work for you. With OEM parts, you know you’re getting the right part every time. You’ll also know where the parts are coming from and trust that they’ll get to you as soon as possible.


And that’s not all. You love your Kia Soul. There’s no better way to keep your vehicle driving right than with parts that match. OEM parts are of the highest quality and you know they’ll be a perfect fit for your vehicle. For a little added peace of mind, they also come with a one-year warranty.


When you’re ready to repair, replace, or upgrade, Folsom Lake Kia has the OEM parts you need to keep your Kia Soul running right. Schedule an appointment online or visit us at our Kia dealership in Folsom today.