The internet is still a frontier with new technologies appearing at a rapid pace and devices like smart phones and tablets continually expanding its horizons.  But slowly and surely it is being tamed with exciting, informative content and easy accessibility wherever you are.

Much like the continually expanding technological horizons of the world wide web, Kia is continuing to grow rapidly.  And not only is Kia adept at producing great cars, crossover vehicles, and SUVs; Kia is also providing driving enthusiasts with an exciting destination for information enlightenment with a brand-new website that shows off an exciting lineup of great vehicles in a bold presentation accessible across a variety of platforms.

Newly Redesigned Online Experience

“With a diverse lineup of cars and CUVs that are more stylish, innovative and technologically advanced than ever before, we set out to develop a new way to showcase the Kia brand in the digital domain and establish a technological foundation for’s future growth,” said David Schoonover, Kia National Manager of CRM & Digital Marketing.

It’s always a great idea to do a little bit of research before you visit us here at Folsom Lake Kia.  When checking out the newly-redesigned website for information on a new 2014 Kia, Sacramento drivers will find more to see when visiting from a desktop computer.  You will also find video, animation, and feature demonstrations; social media integration; and higher-quality images to pique your interest before you visit Folsom Lake Kia to see your new Kia vehicle in real life.

“Given Kia’s advancements in quality and refinement, ensuring our digital properties present our products in a befitting manner is a priority for us,” said Schoonover, adding that Kia and their partners “successfully leveraged powerful storytelling methods to deepen engagement and loyalty while advancing’s ability to grow alongside our brand.”

Spend some time visiting the new Kia website to familiarize yourself with the exciting lineup of great cars, crossover vehicles, and SUVs that Kia offers – and then stop in here at Folsom Lake Kia to see them all in real life.