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Get the Cars Ready

You’ll want to begin by positioning the vehicles. Line them up nose to nose so you can reach the cables between the two batteries, and then open the hoods and locate the battery on each vehicle. Make sure the engine on the working vehicle is turned off.

Connect the Red Clamps to the Positive Terminals

You’ll start by connecting the red clamps to each battery. Connect the red clamp to the car with the dead battery first, and then the red clamp to the car with the working battery. These are the positive terminals.

Connect the Black Clamp

Next, you’ll attach the black clamp to the black, or negative, terminal on the working car. You don’t want to connect to the negative terminal on the car with the dead battery — find a section of unpainted metal, like a bracket, and connect the clamp there. This helps eliminate the chances of dangerous sparks.

Start the Cars

Next, you’ll need to start and run the donor vehicle. Give it a few minutes to properly charge the dead battery, and then try to start your car. If it doesn’t start immediately, give it a few more minutes to charge; if it still doesn’t start, you probably need a new battery.

Disconnect the Clamps

You’ll disconnect the clamps in reverse order. Start with the black clamp on the car with the dead battery, then the black clamp on the donor car. Disconnect the red clamp from the donor car and remove the negative clamp from your car. Keep your car running for about 15 minutes to ensure the battery fully recharges and doesn’t die on you again; this can include driving around or to your destination.

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