The car battery plays such a pivotal role, from starting the engine to powering the lights. There are steps you can take on your end to maximize the battery’s life and minimize the issues stemming from a dead or dying battery. Our Kia parts center provides replacement batteries for all models.

Signs of a Dying Battery

Sometimes, the battery will give you hints that it’s on the verge of dying. Be on the lookout for these signs:

  • The headlights become increasingly dim, minimizing your visibility during nighttime driving
  • An audible clicking sound when you turn the ignition
  • Lack of response in electrically-operated components, such as the radio, power seat, and power windows
  • The battery icon in the dashboard lights up
  • The battery case appears swollen. This is due to chemical reactions inside the case caused by heat or cold exposure.

How to Extend Car Battery Life

Though all batteries die eventually, you can take these steps to maximize its life:

  • Limit short commutes. Short drives don’t provide ample time for the battery to fully charge.
  • Limit use of electronic components when the car is in idle
  • If not planning on driving for several weeks, then start the engine and let it run for at least five minutes every three or four days.
  • Periodically inspect the battery and examine for corrosion buildup around the terminals. Gently brush away corrosion using a toothbrush.

On average, car batteries need to be replaced every four to five years. During a routine maintenance, a technician at Folsom Lake Kia can examine the battery and determine its estimated lifespan. We provide OEM batteries on all Kia models, from the Kia K5 to the Kia Stinger.