Here at Folsom Lake Kia, our goal is to provide customers and drivers with the best and most reliable Kia service possible. We want our drivers to know when they should come in for routine service tasks, like oil changes. Contact our committed Kia service team to discuss any questions you might have, or schedule an appointment for service near you today to find out if you need a Kia oil change

Why Does My Vehicle Need Oil Changes? 

Oil changes are crucial when it comes to the performance capabilities, safety, and well-being of any vehicle. Forgetting to change your Kia car’s oil regularly can lead to a myriad of car issues, including engine oil leaks, the corrosion and degradation of parts in your vehicle, or even complete engine failure. 

Routinely servicing your car, especially when it comes to basic and low-cost tasks like oil changes, is the easiest way to prevent serious future problems. 

When Does My Vehicle Need Its Oil Changed? 

You should have your Kia vehicle’s oil changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, (or every 6 months, on average). If you drive very often, have a long-distance commute, or spend a lot of time driving in harsh elements, your Kia car will need new oil sooner. If your car is an older vehicle, you might also need more frequent oil changes. 

Don’t wait until your check engine light comes on to get an oil change. This procedure is fast, affordable, and simple, so there’s no reason to suffer car problems as a result of engine oil neglect. 

Visit the Folsom Lake Kia Service Center Today 

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