Very little is more gratifying for any company than knowing that all of your efforts and hard work is paying off. The Kia brand must certainly be doing something right, as the month of January delivered unprecedented sales! The Kia brand has delivered some of the most popular vehicles spotted on the road today, including the all-new 2015 Kia Optima and the super funky Kia Soul. All of Kia’s automobiles are designed with some of the best features and accessories which are sure to deliver a ride like no other!

The excellence of any great automaker is always reinforced with great sales. Seeing as last month sales were record-setting, it is safe to say the Kia brand is definitely on the road to excellence.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president, sales & marketing, KMA stated, “Yahoo called Kia one of the ‘hottest brands’ in the industry in early January, and as economic conditions continue to improve, our record-setting January performance proved them right as more and more customers entered the market and considered Kia for the first time. Kia has one of the youngest and best-looking lineups in the business, including the completely redesigned Sedona, which brings unmatched styling and amenities to the segment and sold nearly four times as many units as the outgoing model did in January 2014.”

All signs point in the direction to success for the Kia brand. If you are in the Sacramento area, please pay us a visit at Folsom Lake Kia to view our amazing selection of Kia automobiles today! We have a plethora of new and pre-owned Kia vehicles for you to check out right here.