The tires are the only part of the vehicle that ever makes contact with the road. As such, expect to replace them every three to five years.

Here are five signs to look for that indicate your car may need new Kia tires.

1. Tires Fail the Penny Test

In the penny test, stick a penny upside down in the grooves between treads. If you can still see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tire is due for a replacement. Perform the penny test on all four tires once a month.

2. Cracked Sidewalls

Do the sidewalls appear cracked and resemble a dessert floor surface? The sidewall is a lot thinner than the tread area and is more susceptible to air leaks. Tire blowouts also tend to emanate from the sidewall giving out.

3. Bubbles Appear on the Sidewalls

You may also notice blisters or bubble-like formations on the sidewall. This is caused by prolonged exposure to heat or damage in the sidewall’s internal plies. The latter may occur due to hitting a pothole or driving quickly over a speedbump.

4. Constant Drop in PSI

Did your tire pressure monitoring system light just light up despite having just filled the tires with air? This is an indication of a possible puncture, tear, or leak around the stem valve.

5. Visible Cords

Beneath the rubber are a strand of cords. If the cords are visible, then the rubber is way worn, and the tire needs to be replaced ASAP.

At Folsom Lake Kia, we perform tire services on all Kia models, including the Kia Niro. This includes replacement, rotations, alignment, and more. Don’t let tire wear compromise vehicle performance and safety.