The Kia EV6 is an electric vehicle that many motorists are considering as a form of sustainable commuting. What are some of the ways owners can charge this model? Can they charge it at home using a standard three-pronged outlet? Learn of the different ways you can replenish the battery.

Charging at Home

You can indeed charge the Kia EV6 at home using the typical 120-volt outlet. In fact, this is how most owners charge their electric vehicle when it’s sitting in the garage.

The model comes with a home connector kit that you can use to charge at home the way you would charge a smartphone. This is the slowest method and takes six to nine hours for the battery to fully recharge.

Level Two Charger

You can also invest in a 240-volt outlet, or a level two EV charger. You can install the unit into your standard outlet. Its use will not add significantly to your energy bill.

A level two EV charger slashes charging time by half, to around three to four hours. Various level two chargers exist on the market and can be purchased through sites like Amazon. Price varies but usually range from $300 to $700.

Public Charging Station

There are an estimated 43,000 public charging stations in the US. This leaves plenty of opportunities to charge your EV when embarking on long road trips. Public charging stations use 480-volt chargers that can fully charge the battery in just 30 minutes. Public chargers are also known as level three chargers.

Visit Folsom Lake Kia to see the Kia EV6. With the myriad of ways you can charge the vehicle, this is a smart investment for environmentally friendly commuting. Stop by our Kia finance center to learn more.