Sadly, at some point or another, our vehicles may require some serious repairs. Fortunately, by visiting our KIA service and parts department at Folsom Lake KIA you can limit unnecessary breakdowns by having your vehicle regularly inspected and serviced.

From your transmission to the tires your car rolls on, all of your components are susceptible to wear and tear. And long-term, excessive wear can result in some pretty serious (and often expensive) consequences. In some instances, neglecting your car can result in the need for a complete replacement, which can be highly unfortunate both for your driving experience and your wallet.

Thankfully, you can prevent the majority of vehicular issues by having a maintenance expert that you trust provide you with regular servicing. One of the things you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle is to receive regular oil changes. Clean motor oil can help you avoid excessive wear within your engine. Another thing to consider is your car’s air filters. Your engine requires clean air to run smoothly, and by ensuring that your air filters are swapped out on a regular basis, you can avoid needlessly straining your vehicle. We also suggest that drivers stay on top of their regular inspections. From 50,000 miles to 175,000 miles, you should follow your recommended service guidelines. By having your engine inspected by a professional on a reoccurring basis you can catch mechanical issues before they blossom into a serious and expensive problem.

Whether you’re in need of an oil change or want a full vehicle inspection, our service team at Folsom Lake KIA have got you covered. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation throughout the Sacramento area as a KIA dealership that provides a top-notch dealership experience, and are excited to show you everything our service center can do.