It is impossible to protect your car from all the hazards life can throw at it at all times. Forces outside of your control, like hail and scratches, can cause cosmetic damage. Here at Folsom Lake Kia, Roseville, CA driver’s home for quality Kia cars, we can assess and repair these cosmetic issues to get your car looking as good as new.


There are levels of severity when it comes to scratches that will determine the best way to handle them. On most cars, there four levels of the vehicle’s exterior: clear coat, base coat, primer, metal/body panel. The deeper the scratch, the more extensive the repair will need to be. Deeper scratches usually occur from high-speed impact. Repair of deep scratches will often require some repainting work.


Much like scratches, dents can be relatively minor or more severe. The determining factor is how much of the paneling is displaced. Severe displacement can alter the form of the panel itself and will likely need to be replaced. However, less severe displacement can often be repositioned relatively easily using the right Kia parts.

Tire Care

It can be easy to overlook damage to your tires. This is an understandable, but incorrect, impulse. While a scratch on your tires may not seem like as big a deal as a scratch on your car door, should the tire scratch get any worse, you could be a lot of trouble. When you notice any damage to your tires, bring your car into our Kia tire center so that our team can examine them and repair or replace them as necessary.

Folsom Lake Kia is your one-stop-shop for automotive care. Whether you’re simply trying to fix a dent or something much more serious, we are here to meet your needs.