Last week we talked about how production of the Kia Soul EV had kicked off in Korea. This week we found out that overall battery-electric cars are better for the environment. TUV Nord, which is a German technical inspection group, released information this week about EV vs. Diesel vehicles and which had less of an impact on the environment. Keep reading for more information about the hotly debated topic.

TUV Nord said the Kia Soul EV has a carbon footprint 40 percent smaller than the European diesel-powered Kia Soul. They take a few factors into consideration. First and foremost, the battery-electric engine doesn’t create any emissions when on the road. That means this vehicle produces approximately zero emission. This contributed to a strong score in the “Global Warming Potential” category. The Kia Soul EV also scored very well in the “Photochemical Oxidant Creation Potential” category for limiting the amount of smog created by the vehicles manufacturing process and throughout the vehicles life cycle. The materials that go into the vehicle, like we mentioned last week are completely eco-friendly, like Bio Plastic, Bio Foam, Bio Fabric and Bio PET Felt. They also considered the recyclability once the vehicle is at the end of its road (no pun intended).

All of this has earned the Kia Soul EV a TUV Nord Life Cycle Assessment certificate.

We will let you know when the Kia Soul EV arrives on our lot. Then you have to swing by Folsom Lake Kia to check out! In the meantime you can check out the other new and pre-owned Kia vehicles we have on our lot. We’ll show you why we’re a great choice when it comes to Kia dealerships in the Folsom area.

2014 Kia Soul