Auto shows are often used as a marketing tool to bring more attention to your brand.  Concept vehicles are often nothing more than concepts — models made up to look like a real vehicle but like special effects on TV or in movies they aren’t really real.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with concept cars!  Perhaps Kia had the same thought when the company unveiled its GT4 Stinger Concept at the 2014 North American International Auto Show.  According to Tom Kearns, the chief designer at the company’s Kia Design Center America (KDCA), “It’s an authentic 2+2 sports car that can turn heads as a daily driver while also being right at home on the track.  It’s about purity, simplicity and timelessness.  The GT4 Stinger is a throwback to days when driving a car was a visceral experience that wasn’t muted by electronic gimmickry.”

GT4 Stinger Concept

We’re definitely excited about the GT4 Stinger Concept here at Folsom Lake Kia dealership near El Dorado Hills, and seeing the enthusiasm for driving performance and excitement from the folks as Kia, gets us even more excited about the Kia vehicles here at our Kia showroom. Vehicles like the 2014 Kia Optima and 2014 Kia Forte are available now.  Kia definitely has the chops to bring fun and excitement to the party with the GT4 Stinger Concept.  And if there were any doubt, said Kearns, “I would simply point out that Kia races — and wins — against some of the world’s most legendary performance brands.”

Here at Folsom Lake Kia we know there are lots of driving enthusiasts around El Dorado Hills and Sacramento.  And there are plenty of driving enthusiasts at Kia working on exciting car concepts like the GT4 Stinger.  “The design team at KCDA is full of gearheads and enthusiasts, and the GT4 Stinger is the perfect car for that kind of crowd,” said Kearns.

Maybe if we make enough noise Kia will have a little more fun with the GT4 Stinger Concept and put it into production!  We can hope…