Kia recently announced their sales figures for the month of August and it was very successful! They sold a total of 58,897 units. This marks a few milestones for Kia 1) the best-ever August sales 2) a 7.7 percent increase from the same period last year and 3) the brands fourth straight monthly sales record. Keep reading for more information on how some of the Kia vehicles faired.

The highest selling Kia vehicle this past month was the Kia Soul, selling a total of 17,108 units. The second best-selling vehicle during the month of August was the Kia Optima with a total of 13,980 units sold. And the third best-selling vehicle for the month of August was the Kia Sorento which sold 10,211 total units. Overall, Kia is up 5.4 percent year-to-date. Kia is proud of their vehicles and the hard work of their employees to make these vehicles top of the line!

“Kia has outpaced the industry all year, and that trend continued in August as we set our fourth consecutive monthly sales record despite significant turbulence in the stock market and not having the benefit of Labor Day weekend sales,” said Michael Sprague, Chief Operating Officer and EVP, KMA.  “Since its introduction in 2009, the wildly popular Soul has been one of the industry’s greatest success stories, and its record-setting August performance comes on the heels of being the highest ranked compact multi-purpose vehicle in initial quality by J.D. Power.”

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