Taking care of a car is an ongoing process. There are lots of things you can do to prolong the life of your car and it’s natural to share those things with others. The only problem is that sometimes the advice we hear isn’t actually true. Here at Folsom Lake Kia, your local Kia dealer near Roseville, we want to help you decipher what’s true from what isn’t.

Assertion: Make sure to keep your tire pressure at the level found on the side of the tire.

This is bad advice. The PSI level you see on the tire is not the recommended number, but the maximum number. The number you actually want to follow is the manufacturer’s suggested pressure. Driving on tires at the level listed on the tire, while safe, will cause them to give out faster than normal.

Assertion: Don’t let your gas tank get below a quarter tank before refueling.

This is great advice. If you allow your gas tank to get lower than a quarter tank, the pump starts drawing in things other than fuel, such as air and other dirt and debris. These can all have a negative effect on the regular function of the vehicle. Staying about a quarter tank dramatically cuts down on this problem.

Assertion: Let your car warm up a while before driving it when the weather is cold.

This falls somewhere in the middle, but leaning towards bad advice. While it is not technically too detrimental to the car, it is completely unnecessary and something of a waste of resources. The engine warms fastest when actually in use. Often, letting the car warm is for the driver’s comfort more than the car.

You’ve likely heard many more car care tips that may or may not be true. Find out for sure in the Kia service center here at Folsom Lake Kia!