You may have a lot of questions when purchasing a used Kia. One question is whether a pre-owned car with fewer miles on the odometer is better. The answer is kind of a yes and no. Find out about the truth of low-mileage pre-owned vehicles.

The Truth About Low-Mileage Vehicles

Typically, more mileage means more engine and transmission wear, as well as wear all over, including the suspension, wheels, etc. In short, the lower the miles on a car the better it generally is. However, “generally,” is the keyword.

Mileage is only one of many factors that determine a pre-owned car’s condition. It’s certainly a relevant variable, but by no means should it be the sole factor.

Maintenance History

More important than the mileage is the vehicle’s maintenance, or lack of maintenance from the previous owner. Even if the odometer is in the six-digit range, if it has undergone regular maintenance from a certified mechanic, then it’s mainly still reliable.

In this sense, a high-mileage car that’s been properly maintained is just as reliable, if not more, than a low-mileage car that missed a maintenance interval or two.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Cars

We recommend CPO vehicles, which have low miles and have undergone full maintenance before being put on inventory. Under Kia guidelines, CPO vehicles cannot exceed 60,000 miles.

In addition, it also undergoes a 165-point inspection and comes with a full CARFAX history report. In essence, you get the best of both worlds in terms of mileage and maintenance.

Check back often at our pre-owned inventory, which usually includes beloved Kia models like the Kia Niro and more. Regardless of mileage, all models have undergone an inspection from our certified auto technicians.